How to integrate users/roles from MySQL

I have my own user database in MySQL. I want to use the users and roles stored in MySQL. I only want to use Okta as an identity provider to authenticate users. How can I integrate a custom MySQL database? I am using a free developer account.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking about here but I’m assuming you would just authenticate the users with Okta and then map that user’s email to a user in your database. If you’re using OIDC flow then you can get that information from the token claims.

Hi Warren,

Thanks for you responding to my question. I was wondering if I could use MySQL as with other Auth tools. For example here is how we can integrate MySQL with Auth0

Product: Auth0
MySQL Integration - Custom Database Connections Overview
Use a custom database connection when you want to provide access to your own independent (legacy) identity data store

I would like to know if Okta supports similar integration.

Hi @karthikbargat! Unfortunately, we don’t have a similar product, we do allow csv import.

thanks for the answer.