Integrate my own authentication system with Okta?


I have an authentication system that I would like to implement with Okta. I would like Okta to act as the Identity Provider for my apps, but I want Okta to use my authentication system to authenticate users.

This is how I envision the authentication flow to work (similar to Hypr’s integration specified here:

  1. User logs in to an app that supports SSO solutions (G suite, Gitlab, etc.)
  2. The user gets redirected to Okta (identity provider)
  3. Okta starts the authentication process using my authentication system
  4. Once user successfully completes auth process using my system, they will be logged in

Is this possible to integrate using Okta’s developer tools and API? If so, how can I go about implementing a system like this?

If your “authentication system” can act as SAML IdP or OAuth Authorization Server, then yes you can make Okta using it :slight_smile: Other than that, inline hooks can be used but not quite fully replacing authentication, only extending it.

Maybe other folks can suggest anything else

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Thank you @phi1ipp for the response! This makes a lot of sense