Okta for Authentication and using a separate in house built Authorization serivce

My organization is using okta for authentication and the company has a separate central authorization service which is running separately and uses JWT token. My question is, is there any way I can integrate my authorization service wit Okta so that during authentication Okta able to get the authorization from the other service?

Hi @Friday! It’s coincidentally Friday as I write to you. Sounds like your organization uses our Okta Org Authorization Server for authentication but for authorization services you will need a Custom Authorization Server. You can read more about this setup here Okta Help Center (Lightning). Once you have a Custom Authorization Server with Okta you can mint access tokens for your backend resources but it works separately and does not mix with other authorization services.

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@sigama , yes its Friday :). Thanks for the help. I thought i can mix Okta with external authorization and thanks for explaining. I will look the details of Custom Authorization