How to make Okta application publically available?


I have created an okta saml application which is used for auth0 SSO. but I’m unable to log in by using another okta account. Just want to ask if Okta OIN will help me achieve it?


Hi, When you say Okta SAML application “using another Okta account” are you asking about allowing multiple Okta accounts to log into your application built with Auth0?

Multi-tenancy is effectively what submitting to the OIN helps you achieve. An admin of a tenant in your application can ask an Okta admin to add your app and configure SSO.

Is this what you are asking?

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Thanks for replying. So, we have configured Okta as an identity provider and Auth0 as a service provider in our context. As per the documentation Okta | Auth0 .

After that, we were able to authenticate using okta internal org users but other org users weren’t able to authenticate. I think Okta OIN will be able to solve the issue.

Just another question… can we somehow test the application before it is published to OIN? Also Ideally how much time does it take to complete the whole process?


This document is designed to explain how to build a multi-tenant integration with Okta for a mutual set of customers. OIN integrations are not meant to be internal. This is for multi-tenant on the Okta side and Auth0 side.

The section on multi-tenancy explains that there is a different set of OIDC credentials (client id and secret needed for each Okta org you’d like to act as an identity provider.

Does this make sense?

Yeah thanks for the information

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