Multi Tenancy in Okta OIDC SSO

I have a SPA where i have integrated the OKTA OIDC SSO for my okta org which works fine.

Our goal to implement this SSO is to allow our Customers, who uses Okta, to login into our SPA.

So we need to enable Multi Tenancy (multiple okta orgs) in the login for which i could not find proper path or documentation.
Any help will be appreciated.


Okta does have the Okta Integration Network (OIN) which integrators can use to make their applications available for customers to install in their Org.
Even if you do not plan to submit your application on the OIN, it is the best place to find information on multi-tenancy.

Protocol Requirements if submitting to the OIN,

Multi-tenancy options,

Currently the Okta FE SDKs do not take multi-tenancy into account. You would need to fork and modify as necessary.

Thank you