How to migrate Okta-hosted sign-in HTML customisations

We have multiple tenants for sandbox, dev, test, prod, etc, and I have done some extensive customisation of the Okta-hosted sign-in page within the sandbox environment. Most of it is in CSS and JS files that we are storing in Github and deploying to AWS S3 for hosting, and then we reference them in the HTML editor, so we can deploy those between environments, but I am not sure how we could automatically deploy the HTML changes that are in the HTML editor between different environments.

I have tried searching for ways to migrate the HTML changes, and only seem to be able to find articles talking about migrating users.

So is there some way that this can be achieved, or will it need to be a manual copy/paste?

At this time, there is no public API endpoint to make these changes programmatically and the only way this can be done is via the UI, so that’s unfortunately not an option.

There is a Feature Request on our Okta Ideas site about this so I recommend voting on and following it to keep track of updates by our Product team regarding this request:

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