How to remove assertions for unsupported cases in SCIM test suite?

We are running tests from the SCIM spec test suite using Runscope and are finding that some assertions are failing.

  1. Required Test: Test Users endpoint; body.itemsPerPage and body.startIndex assertions failing. We do not support pagination and always return all users. How can we remove those two assertions? Alternatively, what can we do here?

  2. Required Test: Create Okta user with realistic values; failing assertion that email is not all lower case.
    We convert all emails to lower case on our end. How can we remove this assertion? Alternatively, what can we do here?

Hey @psingh1, thanks for your patience on this one while I looked into it:

  1. if you want to support Import Users for your integration (from your server into Okta), then you must support startIndex and count
  2. its fine if your integration fails that specific test, just make a note of why that test is failing when you submit your OIN integration