How to retrieve the Okta logged in user's info, such as email, username or some custom claim's attribute in mvc application from OKTA bookmark app

I have created a bookmark app in okta account. The user will open the bookmark url in the browser, enter their credentials and after successful authentication, they will be redirected to a custom mvc web application. This portion is working fine as expected. But after this redirection, i want to retrieve the Okta User’s info, such as email, username or some custom claim’s attribute in web application’s controller. Can you please suggest some ways to achieve this in ASP.NET MVC application. I am completely new to OKTA and any help on this is much appreciated!

I believe you should see these user claims returned as part of the HttpContext.User, though you may also find that you need to configure the middleware to GetClaimsFromUserInfoEndpoint to ensure you have the full list of claims as configured for your application/authorization server