Looking at Okta Claims after login in .aspx page


We’re developing a custom sign in page. Actually, we’re using the Okta Sign In Widget on an aspx page. The reason we’re doing this is because we must integrate with another .NET API library.

So far, everything out of the box works great. User goes to page, is shown the sign in screen, signs in and is given .aspx page.

To go further, we need to write some code in the Page_Load() event of the .aspx page that checks to see if the user is authenticated and if so, extract the username from the claims collection. Once that is done, we will do some work with the other API and then redirect to another application, passing the username and the token received from Okta.

I’m not finding how I can acquire this information in C# in the Page_Load() event.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.