How to setup social login with self hosted widget in Angular app?

We have an Angular app, we have the Okta signin widget hosted in Angular and self registration/login works as expected - after credentials are entered and the user clicks the login button the /implicit/callback endpoint is called with authorization code, which is then parsed by OktaCallbackComponent.

Facebook is also setup as IdP in Okta, added to the widget configuration
idps: [{ type: ‘FACEBOOK’, id: ‘0oa-------------LJ4x6’ }],
and the facebook login button do appear in the login widget.

The problem is that after clicking the facebook login button, being redirected to facebook, giving consent there, the user ends up in the Okta Apps page and is NOT redirected back to the Angular app, which initiated the login process.

I do expect at the end of the process the /implicit/callback endpoint to be called in the same way it happens during the regular login process.

I have tried the solution described here, but I see no difference:

Also we have tried manually forging the redirect URL with “redirect_uri” query string populated, making Okta redirect back to Angular, but with NO authorization code…

It looks like something is missing in the configuration of the login widget, but I have no clue!

Any help is welcome.

@pirin.karabenchev Can you take a look at this article to see if this technique helps?