How to test the Okta login widget without a web application and redirecting to okta


I received access to an okta instance ie: from my organisation

I’m trying to use the javascript okta widget dropped in an HTML page (hosted and non-hosted)
I am a bit confused.

  • seems like I have a different account than a developer account. I cannot create a single-page app. So I can’t test the widget
  • Am I right saying, I need to host the widget in one of my website and create an application in Okta using OIDC/SAML
  • Once I have the clientId from the app, I will be able to test

Is there a way to test the widget without having to plug it into my web application.
Just to see if the login widget would work fine and redirects to my okta dashboard after login ?

thank you.

Are you able to create any application? If you’re in the Classic UI, if you go to Applications and click on Create New App, you should be able to select SPA from the dropdown menu.

If that doesn’t work, you should contact Okta support to find out why you can’t create SPA apps. You can also try using the Okta live widget at If you just want to redirect to the Okta dashboard, you’ll want to replace the code in widgetSuccessCallback with Okta Sign-In Widget Guide | Okta Developer