How to trigger user activiation email

I created a new user with password using /api/v1/users?activate=false. It creates a new user with a status of STAGED.

The user API doc for /api/v1/users?activate=false says:

The user will have the transitioningToStatus property with a value of ACTIVE during activation to indicate that the user hasn’t completed the asynchronous operation. The user will have a status of ACTIVE when the activation process is complete.

However, I used /api/v1/users/{userID}/lifecycle/activate?sendEmail=true to trigger the activation email. When I do, it immediately sets the user status to ACTIVE and the user is able to login via the front-end without activating their account via the activation email.

Is there a way to prevent the user from logging in without activating their account first?

Where do I find this transitioningToStatus property? It isn’t being returned when you get a user.

This is my desired flow:

  1. new user signs up for the site by entering a username and pw
  2. user receives the activation email
  3. user clicks the Activate Account button in the email to activate the account
  4. user is not able to log in to the site before doing step 3
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I have a similar use case; except, I want the user redirected to my custom login page from the verification email and not the default widget.

When the ../activate endpoint is invoked, the account is immediately placed in the ACTIVE state; however, there is no transitioningToStatus property.