How we can use postman interceptor for executing okta postman collection

I am trying to executing okta openid connect postman collection, but I am not getting how to use interceptor for some of the calls which is mentioned in api calls title. For example “Get ID Token (Requires Inteceptor)”

Hi Anil! Please make sure you have:

  1. downloaded the Postman Interceptor chrome extension
  2. installed the Interceptor Bridge
  3. added your Okta domain to your cookies tab

You’ll need to sign into Okta i.e., establish a browser session first in order to sync your cookies to Postman and then make a GET request for an id token. Click on the console tab at the bottom of your Postman screen and you will find the id token with your redirect url.

You can also use this tool to get your id and access tokens - Get an access token manually for testing.