I cannot get application Clang to work in Okta

Hi all,
Is there anyone that has been able to define the correct SWA settings to sign into the Clang ?
Clang is an e-mailmarketing tool from e-Village.

In the sign-in form i now use the template plugin
(values: Username = textfield-1015-inputE1 , Password = #textfield-1016-inputE1 , Loginbutton = #button-1020 )
First of all it takes half a minute for the sign-in popup to appear, but in the end nothing happens. Fields are not populated, Button is not pushed.

In fact a first screen is asking for the Portal Name. I skip this by filling this field by hand. The next screen is the sign-in form.

Of course i can provide more information if needed,

Hi @Pjotrb

Can you please provide a log in URL in order to further check the possibility of integrating the website with SWA?

Hi Dragos.
It’s from within our network, so it’s no good to you.
Maybe there is a way for me to create a log file ? If there is, can you tell me how ?

Hi @Pjotrb

Based on the link, I configured the SWA application as follows

and the credentials were successfully populated and submitted

If you have any issues with the populating of the credentials, please feel free to open a support case with us through an email to support@okta.com and one of my colleagues can assist you further in resolving this issue.