Seeking Assistance: Adding "Need Help Signing In" Button to OKTA Sign-In Page

Hello fellow developers,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently facing an issue with the OKTA sign-in page and I’m seeking your expertise and guidance to resolve it.

Recently, I received a request from a teammate to add a “Need help signing in” button to our OKTA sign-in page. However, it seems that the button has been removed in the new Identity Engine update. I have thoroughly searched for solutions and have come across the Okta documentation outlining the changes to widget customization for the Identity Engine. You can find the documentation here: Okta Docs - Changes to Widget Customization for Identity Engine.

While the documentation provides valuable insights, I’m still unsure about the best approach to add the “Need help signing in” button back to the OKTA sign-in page. I believe that the developer community’s collective knowledge and experience can help me overcome this challenge.

I kindly request your assistance in the following areas:

  1. Identifying alternative methods or workarounds to add a “Need help signing in” button to the OKTA sign-in page within the new Identity Engine.
  2. Sharing any similar experiences or insights you may have encountered while customizing the OKTA sign-in page.
  3. Pointing me toward any additional resources, tutorials, or documentation that could assist in resolving this issue.

Your contributions and insights would be greatly appreciated not only by me but also by others who may be facing a similar challenge. Together, we can foster a supportive and collaborative developer community.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, or solutions in the comments below. I will actively monitor this thread and provide updates as the issue progresses.

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In OIE this will be controlled by the policy/rules for the password Authenticator.

  • If ‘unlock’ is enabled then from the main login screen there will be a link to unlock a user
  • If you are on the screen to enter password there will be a link to reset password.

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