Custom Sign in widget distorted after OIE upgrade

We are using custom sign in widget to login our users to the application, we were on okta classic and migrated recently to Okta Identity Engine & post that our page is disctorted for Sign In,MFA,Passowrd reset e.t.c

How can we correct that can anyone help?

Can you share some screenshots of what seems to be getting distorted (feel free to censor out any company identifying information)? What kind of customizations had you made to the login page before the upgrade?

There are definitely a number of changes to the widget (both functionally and in the UI itself) when moving from Classic to Identity Engine, so you may want to remove all your customizations from your page and add them back one by one so you can confirm they each work with the various changes that were made, particularly if you were relying on specific controllers (or anything else returned as part of the requestContext) or divs/classes that have changed)

If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend looking through our docs that discuss changes you will need to make to your widget customizations after the upgrade: Okta Sign-In Widget upgrade | Okta Developer

Hi @andrea ,

Attaching screenshots:
image 1: On sign in page Unlock account option is given but not there in widget script and rest of the content should be center aligned.
image 2: There is customization on this MFA selection screen which is not seen after upgrade.
image 3: Phone icon overlay on header.

Please let me know how to fix this.

Hi @andrea @oktadev-blog

Any update on this query.

Depending on the level of customizations you completed on the Okta Classic widget, you may want to press reset and apply your customizations from scratch on the OIE/v2 widget to ensure you achieve the desired look and feel. A variety of things changed between these versions (particularly related to classes and views, as the authentication flow changed substantially) and Okta has never documented these aspects of the widget functionality, either for the purpose of a migration doc or to otherwise guarantee any aspects of the widget UI beyond that which is controlled by designate widget configuration settings and features.