Add field to sign-in page

Hello there,

We are looking to add a third field to our sign-in page. Currently, we already have a custom string attribute in the Okta Group Profile that we want to check once any user signs in. I’ve checked some of the previous questions about this but they’re from some years ago, so some questions still remain:

  • Is okta supporting this customisation out of the box? I’ve taken a look at the workflows but could not find the default authentication workflow to edit. Custom connectors could potentially help here but I think they would make me forfeit the MFA step which the org cannot do.
  • Would it be easier to achieve this using the sign-in widget? Since it’s just checking a specific field and I don’t wanna mess with any MFA checks, could this be a solution?

I plan to update this discussion once a solution is found and gets to be working properly so a more recent entry about this type of customisation is made.

Looks to me like it’ll require you to build a custom login page unfortunately, as Okta does not have any authN flow which involves an additional attribute check