Add additional field on login from

Hello, I have a question.

I need add additional field (“organization number”) to my login form. That means, on the login form i want to have a three fields for login: “organization number”, “username” and “password”.

Is it possible? When yes then how?


Hi @Unkis

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have an example that supports 3 field authentication, however this can be achieved through a custom implementation.

The authentication flow would be the following:

  • User has organization number added to his Okta profile as custom string attribute
  • User accesses the authentication page and enters his credentials (username, password, organization number)
  • Application checks the credentials against your Okta org on /api/v1/authn endpoint
  • If the authentication is successful, the application retrieves the user’s profile and checks the organization number field against the one that the user entered
  • If they match, the user is allowed access inside the application