Okta Post registration page for social login providers

We have integrated sign-in with social login. We need to capture additional details after the initial social login sign-in. Lets say user sign-in using the google for the first time, after successful login we need to show a page and capture additional user details and save this to Okta custom fields.

Is there any provision in Okta to achieve the similar workflow?


With OIE you can probably utilize Profile Enrollment to collect additional required attribute(s) from a user before let them into a particular application(s)

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Hi @phi1ipp,

Thanks for the details, but can I make some API calls to validate the data being entered, lets say the user entered a CustomerId which I need to validate through an API which will send an OTP to the customer email and needs to confirm the OTP.(This is just an example, my real use case is different)

I don’t think I can do above with profile enrollment, is there any other mechanism to achieve this?

What I am thinking is if Okta is having some hooks to check the user attribute after login and based on that user attribute value, Okta needs to redirect the user to a post registration application to capture these details. If this is possible, I can create all the logic in that application which I own.


If you have a complicated logic for user registration, I’d suggest to implement it in your own app as a registration page.

What you can look at additionally is Inline Registration Hook. It maybe able to do some validation for you, but you still need to collect an attribute from a user somehow :frowning:

Hi @phi1ipp,

Thanks. I have social login providers also and need to capture additional details after sign-in like phone number, country etc.

Any options to do this kind of logic? I can build an application to do it. But not sure how to re-direct too that application if the attributes are missing. Rest of the applications integrated into SSO are 3rd party application where I have to way to collect these details.

Yeah, tough situation… You can try to use custom IdP as a factor maybe:

  1. create a group where all users w/o required attributes are placed
  2. on sign-in that group will have that factor triggered
  3. point that IdP to your application
  4. do whatever you need to work with a user to capture/validate attributes
  5. return control back to Okta

Hi @phi1ipp,

Thanks a lot, hope this is a good solution.
Could you please provide some online documentation for this if possible?

Thanks @phi1ipp and @andrew1 for your suggestions and I can try this and let you know the outcomes.