I couldn't found okta-auth-js.min.js in google

I am trying to implement okta javscript sdk in my application. I a following below tutorial.


I have tried to download okta-auth-js.min.js from below link but I couldn’t. https://ok1static.oktacdn.com/assets/js/sdk/okta-auth-js/2.1.0/okta-auth-js.min.js

Can any one help me to download above js.

Hey @BalajiRaju!
Use 2.0.1, the 2.1.0 version will be pushed to the CDN later this week.

Let us know if you are still blocked!

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Thanks It worked. I am using jquey ajax to authenticate not any juery frameworks(Angular,react…).
May I know how to handle the redirect URL. Now it is redirecting to different page. I want to handle the response.

		responseType: 'id_token'

It is redirecting to another URL but I wan to capture that response in same page. Could you please help me on it.

Can you describe your use case?