ReactJS - Redirect SPA application

Hello everyone, everything good?

I am creating an application for a client that uses OKTA and until a day ago the application was working and authenticating. Now it stopped !!
From what I noticed people who were already with TOKEN in storage still accessing and those who are entering for the first time are not being able to access anymore.
The application is not redirecting the user to the LOGIN screen and is only “pending”. Could someone help me, I can show more information and how are the settings.

Apparently the LoginCallback component is not working correctly.

hm… it looks like your application may not be parsing the tokens being returned to the callback route (the ones we can see in the hash fragment), which, once stored in the tokenManager, would also result in the user being isAuthenticated: true

How have you configured your callback component? If you haven’t yet, can you test out our sample app to see if you see the same behavior there? If not, you likely want to compare your application against our sample to see if maybe you’re missing something?

Has anything changed since it was last working for initial logins? Do you see the same behavior across browsers and/or after you clear cache/cookies?

Hi Andreas, thank you for replying!

I am two weeks without touching the code. I tried several possible configurations and I didn’t understand why this happened.

This image I sent early you can see that I set PCKE = false and to try to use it in a different way, but without success. Now I got everything back as it was and I’m sending the images again.

Yes, i’ve configured LoginCallback component as you can see above.

And even stranger is that apparently he is redirecting to the callback but the callback is not acting and redirecting.
Is there a way to catch the error if there is one?

@okta/okta-auth-js”: “^4.8.0”,
@okta/okta-react”: “^5.0.0”,