oktaAuth.signInWithRedirect error

it is not working… After redirect it is not going any where and route is not changing
in local storage okta token is not saving but credentials is working


    <Route path="/login" render={() => <LoginPage />} />

    <Route path="/" render={(props) => <AdminLayout {...props} />} />

    <SecureRoute path="/private" component={Private} />

    <Route path="/login/callback" component={LoginCallback} />





redirectUri: window.location.origin + "/login/callback",

here are package info
@okta/okta-auth-js”: “^5.1.1”,

"@okta/okta-react": "^6.4.3",

and article followed

Please help

Do you happen to see a request being made to your authorization server (issuer)'s token endpoint after Okta redirects back to the callback route?

Are you able to get this working with our pre-built sample?