I need help with Okta Hackathon explanation

I am new to okta. The hackathon rules say we must integrate all this 3 functions.

1.) OpenID Connect (OIDC) standards

2.) System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standards

3.) Okta or Auth0 identity providers

Please what are this 3 above. how do I integrate them. Is there some kind of rest API. Currently. I have my okta login app running in php as can be show in screeenshot below

Hi there @fredo !

You may want to check out the excellent notes written by another hackathon participant.

You must add secure authentication using OpenID Connect by utilizing Okta or Auth0. And your app should support SCIM for managing users. Lastly, don’t forget to add AI cleverly to your app. Good luck!

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Did you check the enterprise workshop series videos? If not that might help

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Hi @fredo as @trace mentioned our enterprise workshop series may help.