Understand Hackathon Submission

I am thinking of taking part in the AI & Identity - Okta Hackathon 2023 and I am having some trouble understanding the requirements. Who do I contact to clear some of my doubts?

Hey Trace, this is Tanish with Okta. You can reach out to the Dev Advocacy Team [dev-advocacy@okta.com] regarding any questions. You may also reach out to any of the judges from the hackathon webpage on the advocacy team [[https://oktahackathon2023.devpost.com]. The format for emails is [firstname.lastname@okta.com].

The key requirements are:

Build a web or mobile app that uses an Artificial Intelligence Tool in a clever way and implements all of the below:

  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) standards
  • System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) standards
  • Okta or Auth0 identity providers

You should also live in one of the accepted countries that are listed on Devpost

Hey @trace I also highly recommend looking at these places as well:

  1. “What to Build section” on the hackathon homepage
  2. “Resources” tab
  3. The on-demand workshops on OIDC: Enterprise Ready Workshops

I personally found these helpful in understanding the requirements better :slight_smile:

Hey @tanishkumar Thanks for the response. I will send an email with my doubts

Hey @Hong Thanks for the response. I had difficulties understanding point 1 and 2 lol in a better situation now tho

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Hey @monishb thanks. I will check that out

that is great, good luck with your project.

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Hey Trace, you can check Okta’s blog: https://www.okta.com/blog/tag/hackathons/ to get more idea about what type of projects to create.

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Thanks @monishb for the workshop link. I was looking for resources to learn about OIDC.