Inline Hooks and JIT provisioning


I am working on a project where external IdPs are sending SAML claims to Okta, and Okta provisions users JIT with those claims.
Whoever, some claims contain personal information, and we need to cipher them in Okta.

We want to avoid asking any change request to the customer IdPs, for now they are sending those PI unciphered.

Is there a way to call an inline hook during the JIT provisioning process to call an external API with those claims, and cipher them, before they are stored in Okta?


At this time, we do not have a hook that is triggered during this flow.

There is a Feature Request on our Ideas site (you’ll need to login with an Admin account to access) that looks to be gaining interest, so you likely will want to vote on that and maybe add some more context about your specific goals/needs for the benefit of our product team: Idea #158347: Inline hook for JIT Provisioning | Okta Ideas