Integrating a custom idp with okta-mobile-kotlin

Hi there,

in our company we’re currently working on an initiative where we want to go over our current idp integration and align it with our app architecture. In our research phase we were pretty surprised and at the same time confused about the current state of the well-known AppAuth library and its lack of maintenance - especially for android. After a bit of digging we stumbled upon your pretty well maintained open source libraries “okta-mobile-kotlin” and “okta-mobile-swift”. Now kindly wanted to ask you what the target audience of these two libraries are and your plans on their further development and also if they can be used to integrate a custom idp with openid connect.


Those SDKs are designed specifically to work with Okta, so if you want to use them for another OAuth provider it most likely will take some rework on your part depending on the provider.

As far as those SDKs working with Okta where there is an external IdP registered in Okta. All Okta SDKs require using a browser redirect flow when an external IdP is being used.

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