Integrating Okta Oauth2 with Jboss as a resource server

Hi All,

I’ve been trying to integrate our current application that runs on JbossEAP7 with Okta Oauth2 to perform as a resource server. Our current setup performs authentication through LDAP using a custom module that extends this is configured as part of the jboss Standalone.xml as part of its security domain, Sample:

    <security-domain name="SecurityService" cache-type="default">


        <login-module code="com.authentication.jboss.LdapCustomLoginModule" flag="required" module="ldap">

          <module-option name="configFile" value="xxxxx"/>

          <module-option name="baseDNPrefix" value="xxxxx"/>

          <module-option name="baseDNSuffix"xxxxx"/>




I have not found any resources online that point me to the right authentication class that I can extent for JWT token verification.

Has anyone tried to achieve something similar, any help in the right refection would be much appreciated.

Just in case… Okta also can act as LDAP server if you want to stay with LDAP authentication.

Thank you for letting me know, but I think we leaning towards the Oauth2 implementation.