Angular JS spring and jboss

Dear all,
I am very new in okta just join this group two days back. As of now our application front end is using Angular JS and backend API is using spring. Both the application is deployed at jboss server. we are using Ldap authentication. Now we want to use okta for authentication.
Can you someone guide my how do i use okta auth in this scenario.
Brief of present auth

  1. user browse the login page
  2. input ldap username and pwd
  3. Angular JS calls back end api developed by spring for authentication
  4. if success api returns a token to front end

Please help me how do i procee?

Hi we are facing a similar integration challenge with Jboss as a resource server, have you’ll made any progress on this?

Hi there,
I am sharing the blog post that provides all the core information regarding the above question asked, hope you’ll find it helpful.