Integrating Okta to Spring MVC Application

Heard about Okta and checked it, It is fulfilling our requirement so we want to integrate Okta with the application. We have already one application that has a login page. Don’t want to use Okta Sign on Page.
1.When one end user tries to log in to our application with our Login page, we want okta should authenticate that user after successfully authenticated it will redirect to our application.
2.We have different Roles, based on roles we are giving authorization to them. So how can we sync our roles with okta?

I am a little bit confused when gone through your document and can’t decide which one should I use for my application. So it is grateful if you share a sequence of the document?
Which I can use to integrate Okta with the application.

  1. Use any SSO method you are comfortable with (OIDC or SAML)
  2. In SAML assertion or JWT token you can send user group information to your application (assuming you created those groups in Okta and assigned users to those groups). Then your application can see the info and make appropriate actions

Hello Philipp,
Thank you for your response.
1.Will use OIDC SSO method.
2.Can you share any project/POC link where already JWT token implemented with the current project sign on-page.

It depends on the technology stack you are using. Okta has multiple examples just google for “Okta OIDC xxxx”