Invalid SAML response received: Unable to contact the configured provider


we have a cognito userpool and have configured SAML login with Okta.
we have done this many times and manage multiple userpools.
however, one okta and userpool that were configured is getting this error when trying to login:
Invalid SAML response received: Unable to contact the configured provider.

I have never seen this error before and not quite sure where it is coming from.
in the okta logs I see that the login was successful.

we are using fastpass.

any ideas?

Hello astral,

It looks like there are a number of documents provided by AWS if this is their Cognito that’s throwing the error: Troubleshoot invalid SAML response errors in Amazon Cognito | AWS re:Post

I don’t see a reference to that exact error message, but based on the text of it and the general troubleshooting steps, you may want to set this particular provider back up from the beginning and make sure you have a fresh copy of the SAML metadata and all settings are correct. You can also decode the SAML response based on the info in the above link to check and see what might be incorrect there.

You can also check in on our main community forums here: Okta Help Center (Lightning) as they may be able to get a little more specific with you about this SAML setup and provide further assistance.

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Hi Daniel,

I am familiar with the document you sent, unfortunately it does not provide information regarding my issue and I tried all the steps, read the xml response, nothing informative there.

I will try to ask in the in main community forums, thanks.

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