iOS SPA logout without alert

Hi. I’m using SPA and do logout same way as in sample app via:
try await WebAuthentication.shared?.signOut(from: nil)
try Credential.default?.remove()
But it always request user to allow “ to Sign In”(which is also strange considering this is actually a logout).
So the question is - is there any way to logout without that alert which gives user a way to cancel it (which might not be valid in some cases)?

This isn’t because of Okta’s library, its an iOS system prompt that happens when you redirect (in this case to Okta) from the app. Details here: Dialog asking for sign-in permissions · Issue #177 · openid/AppAuth-iOS · GitHub

Ok. Thanks. Is there any way then to force signout? Because there are cases when it’s not valid to leave user inside the app, but this system alert prevents SPA session removal and on next Login attempt same session is used and user don’t even have a way to change account (if account is valid)