Okta Redirect Model IOS : avoid alert before loading Okta page

I have two things that need clarification

  1. How can we avoid showing the alert to user every time user calls signin or signout using WebAuthentication ?

  2. Can we directly load the Okta page without user interaction similar to we use SAML in webapps ?

Is this while using our iOS SDK? It sounds like you might be seeing the system prompt that happens when redirected to login via the browser, as discussed in this thread (our SDK uses AppAuth under the hood): Dialog asking for sign-in permissions · Issue #177 · openid/AppAuth-iOS · GitHub and Logout popup says 'Log in' instead of 'Log out' · Issue #461 · openid/AppAuth-iOS · GitHub

Yes . I am using IOS SDK for the Redirect model Login. Just before the webpage get loaded , i am getting this popup that i need to confirm every time .

Is there a way to avoid that. ?

No, its a system prompt as explained in those threads. You’d have to not use SFAuthenticationSession:

There isn’t a way to get rid of the dialog, except to not use SFAuthenticationSession which means you lose Single SignOn, which is worse.