Is it possible to refresh token in OIDC application published to OIN?

We planing to do okta integration for our clients, we plan to create an OIDC application that would be published to OIN, one confusion I have is around token refresh

I see this in documentation:

"The grant types permitted for an OIN app integration depend on the platform selected:

  • Web:
    • Authorization code — mandatory for web platform applications
    • Refresh token — not supported for OIN app integrations
      I can’t understand is it means that I can’t use offline_access scope to get refresh token ?

That’s what I understand as well from reading that doc. It sounds like the OIN app doesn’t support the offline_access scope so it’s not possible to get a refresh token. Hopefully that will change in the future.

I am a bit baffled right now, if I can’t refresh the token it means the user needs to be involved in the process this is impractical if I looking for a server/server integration, what would be the best option for this scenario then?