OIN published OIDC app, is there a way to request a new access token before current access token expires?

Hi everyone,

We have a published OIDC application in OIN. We cannot use refresh token to request for a new access token for the user session so after an hour (when access token expires), the user is forced to be logged out even if the user is actively using our web app.

Is there a way to request a new access token using the current access token the user has so that we won’t need the user to relogin again once the current access token expires?

Thank you.

You should be able to do so, by initiating a new /authorize request while they’re still logged in, though you will need to redirect the user back to Okta (via the /authorize call).

If they have an existing Okta session and don’t need to re-authenticate based on the policies in their org, they will be sent back to your application immediately, with their authorization code. Otherwise, they will be prompted to re-authenticate and will then be sent back to your app.