Is there a way to login to my app via my login page without getting re-directed to okta webpage for authentication?

Hi guys,
I have an android app where I have a login scenario, where I enter my credentials and upon clicking login it re-directs me to okta webpage for authentication and upon successful authentication it kicks me back to the app home page. I was wondering if there is a way I can login and be authenticated in the background instead of getting re-directed to the okta webpage? I tried looking for examples online and looked through okta site for any documentation where client native apps can log into apps without getting re-directed to okta webpage for authentication, but didn’t find any examples or pointers towards how to go about this?
Any one has any idea or experience with this? any simple working android examples would be greatly helpful!

Hi @max

The best solution would be to do resource owner password flow as described here.

This will give you the possibility to send the username and password through the back-end in order to offer a more native experience.