Okta Beginner - Okta and Java native apps (no webapp)

Hello everybody,

Total Okta newbie here, at the moment I’m trying to get an overview in tons of informations, maybe somebody here has some tipps for me.

We have a java application containing a server application and a java client. Our customers asked us now about an integration with Okta and I’m trying to find out how this can be done.
In the docs and guides I’m reading much about web apps, we also have webapps - but the native Java client is still important and I don’t find anything about ‘normal’ java applications.

At the moment the user starts the client, opens the ‘login’ dialog and enters username and password. Server checks the password internally or using and Active Directory and allows the user to log in.
How can this work with Okta? Is the login in the users web browser required? Can we keep our usual login and let the server handle the Okta integration? Do you have tipps, which parts of the documentation can help?

Thanks in advance

Hi @KlausFriese,

Looking at your use case, I think you should be able to utlize the Java Authentication SDK - https://github.com/okta/okta-auth-java
This section explains the use cases of this library - https://github.com/okta/okta-auth-java#is-this-library-right-for-me
Take a look at it and decide if it’s the right one for your needs

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That look really good, we will try that. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: