Is there a way to remove the SecurityBeacon?

We are using the OIDC widget for sign in but don’t want the SecurityBeacon to display. Is there a way to prevent it?

Which SecurityBeacon are you trying to suppress, can you share a screenshot?

The light blue circular area below the logo.

You could look to use afterRender to remove that icon from the widget after its finished rendering. That’s the main way to modify elements of the widget that cannot be configured directly in the widget options when you instantiate it.

AfterRender means that the beacon is already visible on the screen. Removing it causes it to disappear in front of the user. It also leaves the blank space where it was. We really need it to never be there at all. Is there a way to prevent it?

Hello? I haven’t heard anything in quite some time.

That was the only technique I could think of, short of forking the widget. The image that appears below the org logo represents the type of authenticator the user is prompted for, so its included dynamically based on the authenticator.

You could look to hide the element using CSS instead, it should prevent the "flicker’ you see when using afterRender.

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