Issue with new user creation - Email being used for login

Hi all,

Last Thursday when using the OKTA Create User APIs, we started seeing issues in our OKTA environment where the Login field was being ignore and the login name was being set as the email address.



“profile”: {

"firstName": "Amber",

"lastName": "Test",

"email": "",

"login": "test12345"


“credentials”: {

"password" : { "value": "{{password}}" }


The request above has its own value for email and login, but after this user was created, the login was set to the email address.

For a couple of years now, my organization has been able to set the login field independently of the email address field. Looking at the User Profile Mapping, nothing has changed. Has anyone seen this issue before? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi @ambine! Please open a support ticket through an email to with this issue. You may be missing the feature flag UD_MAP_FIELD_TO_LOGIN; one of our Support Engineers can enable this in your org for you.