Login with employee ID instead of email address

I’m attempting to set up one application in Okta to use our AD Employee ID instead of the email address as the username so that they can login to that application with their ID instead of an email address. So far I’ve configured and verified the following:

  1. For the application, in “Sign on” settings, I’ve changed “Application username format” to be “AD Employee ID”
  2. I’ve clicked the “Update Now” button within the “Update application username on” section.
  3. I’ve verified in the “Assignments” tab of the application that each of the user’s username is currently their AD Employee ID
  4. Whenever the user authenticates to the application, their user_name is returned as the AD Employee ID.

However, they’re still having to login with their email address on the actual login page. Using their Employee ID results in the error message “Sign in Failed” but using their email address with the same password works even though their email address should no longer be their username for this application.

Can someone point me towards the right direction here?

Hi @smstromb

Based on the description, I am assuming you are using Secure Web Authentication to authenticate users from Okta to your application.

Can you please confirm if the users in your application have the “AD Employee ID” username set? If not, they need to be changed through a provisioning option or manually.