Issues with Okta Sign In Widget Loading on Mac Browsers


I’m working on updating our Okta Sign In Widget from the 2.x version to the latest 6.4.1 version. This login is at and it works for Windows machines. However when anyone tries to access the page using Safari or Firefox for Macs, the widget doesn’t load.

The browser console shows the only issue is “ReferenceError: OktaSignIn is not defined” which doesn’t appear as an issue in the browser console within Windows machines.

Can anyone provide some assistance or guidance? Feel free to look at the source code, or I can post it here.

Thank you for your time,

Terry Patterson

I have a Gist with v2, v4, and v5 versions of the Sign-In Widget. I’m not sure if my v5 example will work with v6, but it might.

The issue isn’t based on the style. The issue is that there are javascript errors happening on loading the CDN. See the attached screenshots from Windows machines with Firefox 91.10.0ESR and Firefox 101.0.1.

Terry Patterson

Capture (1).PNG

Here are some screenshots from Firefox 101.0.1 in standard and private modes