Okta sign in widget not loading in IE browser

I have faced issue with okta sign in widget . It’s working fine in all the browser safari, chrome, edge …but not loading in IE browser.

The problem is js and css not loading properly in the IE browser

I have tried polyfill in the script file and latest cdn URLs.

Could you please anyone knows or faced this issue previously

Are you seeing any specific errors when the widget fails to load in IE?

Hi Andrea,

Please find the attached screenshot for reference

I’m not sure the above error causing the problem because same code working fine in all the browsers.

I have used the latest CDN URL’s


And you’re including the latest polyfills cdn as well?

You may also want to look at some additional Trusted Sites related settings in internet options that could be related. See the post this thread: Can't get session with the Widget or JS Auth SDK on IE11 - #2 by sohaib.ajmal