Jhipster registry fails to get stats from microservices


I have generated an application with Jhipster (gateway and one microservice) selecting Oauth2 as type of authentication.
I have set up the application with Okta and everything works fine (the gateway is able to securely access the microservice’s API)
Now, from the Jhipster registry (i’m using the war v3.2.3) I can see the services are up, but I can’t view anything else from them (metrics, api etc).
My question are:

  • Is there something simple I’m missing in the configuration files or I have to do something more involved (adding/modifying code) ?
  • Do I have to add the jhipster registry somehow to Okta groups/users ?

Thank you.

PS: there are some discussions on Github and from my understanding starting the registry with the ‘oauth2’ profile should work out-of-the-box.

Can you please ask this question on Stack Overflow (with the jhipster tag) or enter it as an issue in the generator-jhipster project? I’d be happy to look at it there. Please include steps to reproduce, your expectations, and what actually happens. Thanks!