[Laravel] Logout User with OpenID

I find myself stuck and in need of a little help.

I’m integrating Okta into a Laravel 8 application, however, while the /logout route will end the local user session, they are automatically logged in again with the Okta service.

I’m using Laravel 8 with the socialite-Okta service provider. Logging in works great, I’m just not able to logout successfully.

I’ve even tried adding an HTTP request to the logout function in the Auth/Login controller to kill the token session both with logout and revoke endpoints but no luck their either.

Has anyone had any luck handling a successful Okta logout in a Laravel app?

Thank you!!!


Do you know if Laravel calls the /logout endpoint of Okta?

This endpoint takes an ID token and logs the user out of Okta if the subject matches the current Okta session.