OpenID Okta Logout

I am integrating Okta in one of my Laravel application. I am facing some issues with the logout functionality.

I have followed the methods mentioned in the documentation,

Both the way of implementing is throwing error.
When I am trying with the logout API, it is throwing an error,
404 Not Found` response

When I go with the method ‘close current session’, it shows an error,
‘{“errorCode”:“E0000007”,“errorSummary”:“Not found: Resource not found: me (Session)”,“errorLink”:“E0000007”,“errorId”:“oaeccClXJwQQ-6pB4oVjHAdGA”,“errorCauses”:[]}’

Should I consider anything more mentioned in the documentation?
Please help me to fix this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @adarshknstek

/api/v1/sessions/me is used by the client-side channel to read details about the user that is logged in and also close his/hers session. From the server side channel, the application does not have access to this endpoint and, as such, the best solution would be to generate a JavaScript code to send the DELETE request to the endpoint to close the user’s session in Okta.


Thank you for the response.

Can you please share a sample code or link to the documentation.


Adarsh Sukumaran


I have tried another approach provided in the documentation,


It throws a ‘Client error:’, ‘404 Not Found’.

In the URL, the ’
id_token_hint’ is the ‘id_token’ returned from Okta after login.

We are using ‘Socialite’ for singe sign-on and ‘GuzzleClient’ for the CURL requests as it is a Laravel application.