Log in Okta app and then execute API calls to another Okta app

I have a react app that is Okta protected. User logs in (using the default Okta login screen) and is then delivered to the home page of the app. Now in the home page, I have a button which when clicked, I’d like it to fetch data from a Kubernettes Dashboard API that is also Okta protected. The React app and the API are two separate apps in Okta, under the same domain.

What I’ve tried to accomplish this is to use the same token that I retrieved from the initial login screen of the React app, but this doesn’t work since we have two separate Okta apps.

My question is, how can I use the same Okta session to retrieve data from the API?

This sounds like it would be specific to how the Kubernetes Dashboard API is secured and whether or not you can get a token to use against that dashboard via SSO into the app within Okta.

My assumption would be that a browser session within this Kubernetes Dashboard application will not be sufficient to authorize calls against their API, so, as a next step, you will need to determine what exactly is used to authorize calls to their endpoint and how to request these tokens on behalf of an end user.