Log of request sent for authentication using okta-aspnetcore-mvc-example

I’m getting an error on login that apparently a lot of devs get initially: “The ‘redirect_uri’ parameter must be a Login redirect URI in the client app settings” This is with the sample app generated from the OKTA cli with the okta-aspnetcore-mvc-example. It had this error as soon as I logged in the first time (before changing anything except the domain id, client id, client secret), and I have tried to match the URIs on both sides to no avail.

I’d like to see the request that is coming into OKTA so I can debug, but in the system log, all I see is the error “illegal_redirect_uri_enhanced”, and information about the ip and location, etc. This would all be really helpful once the app was working, but I’d love to see the actual http request that was sent. I have something out of sync and a request log would be very helpful.

Does such a thing exist? Or what do you suggest in order to debug this error?

Thanks in advance!