Maximum number groups

Hi All,
would like to know the limitations of Okta groups.we have a cloud application for managing a plant. Plant is a highly complicated structure having 1000’s of devices and each device having 10’s of operations. we would like to implement fine grained authorization using roles. For example if there is a device X and user can person 10 operations, we would be creating 10 roles for this device x like x_op1,x_op2,x_op3 etc. Depends on the requirement, users will assigned with these roles (one or many). Every time when an user tries to access the device by using some api for example /Devices/X/op1, /Devices/X/op_2, the corresponding role or group name will be check for membership for the logged in user from access token. If the user is member group/role specific for that device and operation like x_op1, he will be allowed or denied. Implementing this might result in creation of 10s of thousands of roles and each user given 1000’s role membership.Could you please lets us m iw if this scenario will be supported by Okta. How many maximum groups can be created and how many roles an identity can be part of? This will really helpful for us to decide the authorization mechanism for our product.