MFA in Xamarin Okta implementation

In the Xamarin implementation for Okta authentication using OpenID Connect, is there a way to initiate MFA and verify MFA before a user is authenticated and the idToken and accessToken are received.

Above is the link to add authentication in a Xamarin app.

The ID token contains amr field in claims as follows:
amr - JSON array of strings that are identifiers for authentication methods used in the authentication.
Array [ “pwd”, “mfa”, “otp”, “kba”, “sms”, “swk”, “hwk” ]

Now if it has this to identify the authentication method, is the authentication method executed by Okta?

Any advice would be of great help.

Thank you.

Authentication process is defined inside Okta, where you can specify policies for certain groups to be requested a second factor. So if you want 2FA, just configure Okta appropriately.