Mobile native vs web for mobile app ; need opinions (pro/con)

My company is moving from inhouse built auth solution to okta soon.

We’re building a mobile app, and have different opinions here on mobile native vs web for our mobile apps.

Our marketing dept would like to explore the full customized options the mobile native route provides.

Many others would prefer the mobile apps use the web integration, citing standard UI/UX for all mobile apps and web apps, along with security concerns (one UI/UX and keeping things simple/standard)

We’re also unsure if we did mobile native, would that still give us sso to our other apps and web? It seems like having everything integrate via web would make sure users were automatically signed into more apps (less prompting for credentials)

Any help, opinions or experiences would be great to hear!

Thank you

Hi @boxofnotgoodery

If you are looking for a mobile application to authenticate to Okta and access the other applications, please check out Okta Mobile. Most use-cases that you mentioned are already covered by it.

This would be a public app and website.? Possible multiple of both

Isn’t okta Moble more for intranet or corporate apps?

Hi @boxofnotgoodery

Through Okta Mobile you can access both web applications (through the integrated browser) and other native applications installed on your phone (such as Outlook for example).

You can check this with your Okta representative who can provide you more details regarding the product.