Native app SSO authentication using Okta Mobile

Hi Team,

I am an iOS developer. We would like to add the Okta SSO to our iOS application. My application Name is “TCenter” I registered as a trial user and checked the samples provided.

OktaBrowserSignIn sample Application showing the browser page and able to authenticate successfully.
OktaNativeLogin sample Application showing native sign page and able to authenticate successfully.

The two sample are working Good. I have the following question on the Okta SSO for Native application.

1.How do we authenticate the native iOS app(TCenter) if the user is already authenticated with “Okta mobile” app. (I mean, If the user installed the two apps in the iOS device i.e., “Okta Mobile” and “TCenter”)

2.Can we upload the “TCenter” application to Okta Mobile? to provide the provision to download the application. If yes, Where do we upload the app?